Akasha Auset Rah

    " The Goddess of Flame" started as a high vibrational divine empowerment portal

for intuitive and spiritual beings to step into their psychic and spiritual gifts.


Founded and led by world most magickal divine woman Akasha Auset Rah, The Goddess of Flame was created to ignite the spark within your soul and restore the divine essence and magick within you so that you can walk your true path of destiny and serve your divine self.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist ,Multidimensional Healer and Psychic Medium, Akasha has helped many of her clients to overcome spiritual battles successfully, remove negative energies, heal traumas, gain their power back and step into physical and spiritual well-being on a multi-dimensional level. 


Divine  empowerment is not only needed, it's absolutely necessary for the evolution, consecration and ascension of human kind.